Community Benefits

  • providing much needed and affordable and high-quality homes for hundreds of people who need them.
  • improving pedestrian routes from residential areas to the railway station and the heart of the town centre.
  • creating a welcoming entrance to the development and the surrounding residential properties. Car parking will be hidden within the basement, leaving more space for green landscaping.
  • building safe, sheltered and secure communal public spaces to foster a strong, local community. Each courtyard garden will have a distinct identity and provide a place for play and quiet relaxation.
  • providing natural surveillance to Penn Way, creating a safer pedestrian environment for residents throughout the day and night.
  • creating a community hub at the heart of the site will further encourage social gatherings and help create a sense of belonging for new residents.
  • maximising views from the site for new residents to both the east and west and across the allotments.
  • net gain in biodiversity through 'greening' the site with soft landscaping and green and brown roofs.
  • Cleaning up of former industrial land and removal of an unsightly and industrial building with attractive residential blocks and attractive uses, generating activity.
  • net reduction on vehicle trips meaning less traffic on the local network and potential air quality benefits.